Valued at $6.4 billion in 2018 and growing healthily, office product players are accumulating solid sales gains in this market, albeit from a relatively low base. However, these same operators are also scoring well below average in terms of customer satisfaction measures, highlighting the magnitude of the opportunity. To unlock this they need to refine and master the variable customer, supply & service issues across the non-core product range....

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  • Office & Work Supplies In Australia, 2018-2020


    "With declines in core (traditional) office products accelerating, the 'non-core' sector has emerged as both the growth driver and potential saviour for market operators. Our research reveals a rapidly changing landscape, in terms of products, customer behaviour and competitive environment. For able market participants there is currently a rare window of opportunity in the large $12.5 billion, multi-faceted office & work supplies market..... .

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  • Education Supplies in Australia, 2017


    The education supplies market, valued at $2.4 billion, is growing ahead of the economy and by our assessment is an attractive market to target. Although customers are price sensitive, they are also very receptive to novel, new & interesting products. We expect growth to move higher in the next two years as changes to the education system (via technology, modified teaching methods and STEM/STEAM subjects) drives expenditure on waves of new products.

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  • Office Products Market Update, 2017


    With digital erosion continuing to escalate, players are adapting via expansion & diversification strategies. While most dealers are coping and proving sustainable through what is a phase of significant market transformation, very few are thriving. Despite this we see ample opportunities for well-run operators to broaden their range and offering – and tap into the numerous new product categories that are opening up……

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  • Non-Core Office & Business Supplies, 2016-2018


    Our research indicates consumption rates of non-core products are growing well, exceeding general economic growth – and considering the immature, fragmented state of this large market, there are very large dollar gains up for grabs. We have no doubt the market will consolidate heavily in the next few years, leading to hundreds of millions of sales gains (and losses) among current operators……

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  • Office Products in Australia, 2016-2018


    After several years of harsh conditions the office products market is looking much healthier. Broad market growth is the best in over eight years, most operators are growing positively again and there are numerous areas of opportunity. That’s not to say there aren’t still big challenges – there remains a major digital transformation underway and competition pressures are intense. In this environment a key issue for operators is to astutely select and pursue the new areas to grow in…….

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  • Office Products Market Update 2015


    While expenditure on traditional office items continues to decline, market conditions have improved slightly and 2015 growth for the broad OP market has turned positive and is the best since 2010. After being shell shocked by the relatively rapid shift to digital over the last few years, there is evidence operators have regained their composure, revamped their strategies and are now adapting to the new market dynamic…….

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  • Office Products in New Zealand, 2015-2017


    With market conditions quite buoyant, we have been pleasantly surprised by the strength of office products spending & growth here – especially when compared to neighbouring Australia. Make no mistake, New Zealand is still subject to the challenges of the shift to digital, its just coping better, helped by positive sentiment and elevated levels of discretionary spending…….

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  • Non-Core Office & Business Supplies, 2014-2016


    Based on 600 surveys with business purchasers, our research indicates a $5.4 billion market that is currently fragmented, non-integrated and ripe for consolidation. We expect OP dealers to move aggressively into this space over the next decade, taking business from smaller category specialists and retailers……..

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  • Office Products in Australia, 2014-2016


    The market is evolving rapidly, driven principally by the shift from traditional (paper-based) to digital processes as well as competitive pressures. Over the next five years we expect major transformation to occur – as the ‘office products’ market reformulates into a much broader ‘business supplies and services’ market…….

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  • Office Products Market Update 2013


    With market conditions remaining extremely weak and the core office product range continuing to contract, dealers are finding a silver lining in the broad range of adjacent ‘non-core’ categories available…….

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  • Independent Dealers – where to now?


    We examine the role and prospects of Australian independent office product dealers in the changing market. This article written for OPI magazine looks at independents’ market share, their strengths, vulnerabilities and a selection of challenges facing them…….

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  • Office Products in Australia, 2012-2014


    While most operators are under major pressure and searching for new categories, segments or channels to alleviate weak market conditions, there are a fortunate few doing very well……

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  • Market Summary for 2011 (Aust)


    2011 will be looked upon as a ‘tipping point’ year in the office products market. It’s not because demand has been weak and consumers particularly frugal – that is cyclical. There are more fundamental and structural changes underway……

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  • Office Products Market Update for 2011


    The market is holding up but there is a definite rattle in the engine as nervous purchasers reduce discretionary OP spending. Industry operators need to be broadening their range and getting creative in this new low growth environment…..

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  • Office Products in New Zealand, 2011-2013


    Valued at $NZ1.75billion this market is dominated by OfficeMax and Warehouse Stationery. Consumers are very price focused and not particularly interested in green products. Although unique in many ways the market is nevertheless undergoing structural change in line with global trends…..

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  • Opportunities and threats – for Newsagents


    Sure Newsagents are facing a range of threats and are seen as a bit old fashioned by many. Despite this our research indicates they remain a force to be reckoned with and have numerous areas of opportunities available within the office products sphere. The question is…. will they step up and seize them?

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  • Office Products in Australia, 2010-2012


    Now that the market is back ‘near’ normal demand levels, operators need to turn their attention to the next stage of technology development that is coming. We believe this will lead to substantial shifts in the merchandise mix over the coming few years. With most of the core OP range in a state of ‘maturity’ – operators need to turn their attention to new products and keeping their range contemporary.

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  • Office Products Outlook for 2010


    The market outlook has improved dramatically since mid-2009, however the engine room of OP demand (the business sector) remains soft. This will ensure that while 2010 is set to be a respectable year, it will still remain well below the 6% pa ‘trend’ growth rate of the last decade.

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  • Printing in Australian Businesses, 2009-2011


    Australian businesses spend $6.07 billion annually fulfilling their printing requirements. The GFC is forcing many to take a hard look at this expenditure – and driving change in the products, services and providers being used.

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  • Mid year update – How is the OP market travelling?


    Penfold Research has recently released an update report on the state of the Australian office products market. Not surprisingly there are some harsh realities out there – and if you look hard enough some areas of opportunity.

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  • 2009 in the OP Market – How tough will it be?


    Let’s face it, the year ahead won’t be pretty. We forsee declining sales and plummeting profits, but is it a time to batten down the hatches, or use the conditions as an opportunity to move ahead of competitors?

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  • The Education Market, 2009


    With cost pressures mounting and households tightening their expenditure, the coming 2009 ‘Back to school’ (BTS) period is shaping up as a highly competitive and margin crunching one.

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  • Press article: Office Products in Australia, 2008-2010


    The ‘core’ Australian office products market in 2007 was valued at $A7.5 billion – at end consumer prices. However when a broader market definition is used – and the market is moving more towards this – it is valued at a much higher $A11.8 billion.

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  • Press article: The Education Market for Stationery and Office Products, 2007


    Total expenditure by students and education institutions was $1.5billion in 2007, of which the majority was made by students at the all important ‘back to school’ period.

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  • Scrap booking – is all the attention justified?


    A look into the opportunity provided by this new and in many ways very ‘different’ category. Does it measure up to for office product dealers?

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